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Selina Boyd

Co-founder, Red Dot Consulting

Selina is co-founder of Red Dot Consulting, an education and marketing consultancy in Singapore and Hong Kong, who partner with Top Schools advising parents on the transition between Asia and the UK.  Selina has worked in marketing and business development for the past 20 years, specialising in the education sector since 2016.  Due to several family relocations between Singapore and the UK since 2009, her children have attended multiple combinations of British local, prep and boarding schools as well as international schools in Singapore.  With one child through A-levels as an overseas boarder in the UK and successfully through the UK and US university admissions process, Selina has two further children currently studying A-levels and IGCSEs respectively out in Singapore.  Selina understands on a deeply personal level the difficulties and concerns associated with moving children across countries and education systems, especially at key academic stages, and is passionate about enabling other parents to also make informed choices.

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